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Michael Jackson vs. Stevie Wonder | The Nth Power | The Magic Beans
Howlin Wolf - 9PM

Howlin Wolf Northshore - 9-late

Dragon Smoke
One Eyed Jack's - 10PM

Tiki Tuesday with The Unnaturals
Rare Form - 8pm

SIBERIA 45 RPM Soul Party w/ DJs Perrier, Noel, & AJ The Boudin Man!!
Siberia - 9PM

Siberia - 7PM


Cherub | Mystery Skulls | Fortbowie
Varsity, The - 8PM

Timeghost collapses boundaries between performance art/electronic music and technology/biology to pursue esoteric interests. TIMEGHOST focuses to reach audiences on a visceral level through guided meditation, mutated song forms, physical endurance, and synthesizer explorations that sound more like spoken language than replicated musical instruments. ORA ISO is a sullen two piece of off-axis harmonies and industrial percussion thrown back and forth between guitar, Wurlitzer organ, vocals and samples. Pieces begin in abstraction, encounter semblances of melody, then disseminate into fragments. Disassociated and lonely the sounds project their missed connection with the world at large. PSYCHIC HOTLINE [harsh femme/now real synth] Proud Father [ambient drone goodness]
Zeitgeist - 8:30 PM

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